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There Is Still Hope




Structural inequality, discrimination and oppression based on gender as a social mechanism that uses patriarchy to subjugate women to men and to the social construct of the «masculine» has, amongst its worst consequences, the murder of women.

Since official data has been available, only in the Spanish state, more women, and their sons and daughters, have been murdered than victims of ETA terrorism. Faced with this of national emergency situation, the Valencian society, led especially by the feminist movements and by the women groups, has questioned the different administrations to reach a State pact against the male violence.

Víctimas Mortales en 2018

Víctimas Mortales en 2019

Víctimas Mortales en 2020


There Is An Exit

Desde Cermi Mujeres, intentamos ofrecer medidas para tratar de reducir por completo más casos de violencia de género, como por ejemplo el «Pacto Valenciano en contra la violencia de género y machista», cuyos objetivos son: From Cermi Mujeres, we try to offer measures to try to reduce completely more cases of gender violence, as for example the «Valencian Pact against gender and male violence», whose objectives are

Ensuring a safe society free from gender-based and gender-based violence

Feminise the Society


Coordinate networking for the care of women victims of gender-based violence and their children

Breaking down the walls that make gender and male violence invisible and socialising it as a political and social conflict


Discover the stories of women who faced the abuse by searching for help, deciding to go through the fear and the doubt, they were able to overcome it


committed to the ods

Diary 2030

These objectives aim to achieve equality between people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. A new global social contract that LEAVES NO ONE BEHIND.



This II Equality Plan responds to our commitment to equality
of opportunities between women and men and the absence
direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of sex.


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